Sunday, January 11, 2015

PartyDo - Quadrant4 yearly bash @ MGM Beach Resorts

It's been 4 months since I joined Quadrant4 last september and we are just wrapping up the Alcoa MinMax workbench project, the news of yearly bash came. Albeit I am much familiar of this kind of celebration this is very much special because of due to certain events happened last year and my life simply becomes a roller coaster ride with lots of downs. Q4 fixed MGM beach resort has the destination for celebration. I heard from my colleagues that last year it's being bore event and this year they are doing it different. This time everyone started celebrating the bash a week before by participating in various events like Chess, Carom, Rangoli, Singing, Cooking, Eating and Table Tennis. 

On the day of the event, Although I arrived at 8:00 AM sharp I end up catching the last bus. (credit goes to few friends who yet to decide which bus they want to go)

The Bus starts at 10AM and the driver put some old devotional songs as if we are going to sabari malai. Thank god some people save the day by giving memory card which contain latest kuthu songs and some nice peppy tunes. The bus filled with dancing atmosphere until it reach the destination.

In between the bus stop for 15 mts, due to our traffic police who take some bribe in spite we  have all the document perfect. 

When we enter the place, the party already begin with some games. and through out the day the atmosphere filled up with great music and games with fancy competition, MIME, drama,singing etc.


Singing & Dancing




The trophy goes to Rowdy team which has 600+ points

A uncle from nowhere suddenly appeared and  shared it's joy.

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