Monday, May 31, 2010

39th week

My wife entered 39th week of pregnancy today.. She feel little pressure..tiredness etc.,

I hope this week the baby will come out. Let see..

Friday, May 7, 2010

Linga bairavi

I went to Linga bairavi consecration at coimbatore January 27 2010. Those 3 days are very sacred days. For the first time I witnessed a Birth of Goddess..

Followed by Yaksha started first time. I participated in first day. Then I went to chennai. Later I went to mahasivarathiri held at pachaippa ground, chennai. presented whole day. I purchased few gifts to wife.

My wife is pregant

My wife is pregnant. The expected delivery date is June 14. If the fetus stay in the womb up to May 24, every thing will be OK.

I could able to see the movements. Whenever I talk to the fetus, it wake up and give punching. It's hearning my voice. Normally a fetus will stay in womb for 280 days (40 week). This days is calculated from the last mensuartion date. In our case it is Sep 07, 2009. After 2 weeks the date of conception will start which give June 14, 2010 has Delivery date.

My wife want baby boy and I want girl boy. Let see the result. I hope everything will be ok. Her mother has come to our house to take care. Next week I am going to isha coimbatore (May 12) for Pancha Bootha Aarathanai. It's wonderful that I am going to see linga bairavi for the second time. May 24th also I am not in chennai. Going to goutham marriage @ salem. Same date Ranish marriage is also there in chennai. I don't know what to do. Both are good friends of mine.