Monday, June 30, 2008

Sathsang with Sadhguru

Last week Sadhguru came to chennai for Anandha Alai Sathsang and I had a chance to see him very close. I usually will not cry because my Intellect will not make me to do that. But what a strange my Intellect is broken and tears flows in my eyes.

One good thing this month happened is, My MOM attended anandha alai. I welcome her to ISHA community. She is also want to join BSP and she is going next month.
It's all because of sadhguru grace.

Yesterday I and my mom spoke about Kailas and manasoravar. I hope I will go to that place next year.

Story of Dasavatharam

For past few days, One thing which made me mad is the movie dasavatharam.
I always love kamal hasan for his hardwork. He is a perfectionist. This particular film, I would say he has promoted himself from an actor to story writer. Albeit this film is targeted for "A" class audience, all audience can enjoy the film by seeing it in parts, like we saw it in MATRIX movie. Regarding the story of dasavatharam, exactly it can be compared to that of MATRIX. I understood the story of matrix after I seen it for humpty number of times and it's a perfect blender of YOGA concept. Like MATRIX, Dasavatharam is a perfect blender of "Chaos Theory".

I remember, some where I studied like "You cannot pick a flower without distubing the distant star". This is true and this is called "Chaos Theory". To put it simple, Imagin that, In afternoon, power has gone and you are start reading a book. The power has gone because, In Neyvali, employees goes strike to protest against N-Deal. Prime minister want to sign N-Deal bacause, Bush ALLAKAIS is putting pressure -- inturns Bush putting pressure on ALLAKAIS. Bush doing this because for his VOTE bank. So, Bush is the culprit for you to read a Book. This is called chaos theory. "Small things" will be related to a Big thing. Can you imagin a flapping of butterfly can cause tornado.

In dasavatharam, the oneline is, the Bio-weapon should be in the sea sore when Tsunami happens. To bring the Bio-weapon to tamilnadu from US, 9 kamals are helping in-directly and 1o th kamal is helping directly. You can now ask a question, like, what nambi is doing here?
That is "Chaos theory". Nambi with his deity is thrown in to the sea. The deity is get strucked in a tectonic plate under the sea. Due to movement of tectonic plate and the distrubance caused by the deity, Tsunami occurs and finally Tsunami destorys the Bio-Weapon.

You can even take this as different way. The God is thrown into the sea at 10th century. The reason behind is, GOD saves the earth at 21st century. Thanks to kamal to bring such a wonderful story. I love this film has I love MATRIX and jim carry's TRUE MAN SHOW.

Regarding technical advancement, Yes the movie scores.

Although, The story has lot of flaws. It is a good movie. [ One stupid thing is the HERO is unable to get the small deity which has the Bio weapon from LOOSU HEROIN ASIN. But forget about this kind of flaws. This is very small compared to Rajini movie. ]

Overall the film is good and it's a HIT movie after Kamal's Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu.

Also I want to tell that this film is only a feather in kamal's CAP and it is not the CAP. I will keep waiting until the CAP is made. Hats off to Ulaga Nayagan.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Finally it happens

It's my long time goal to create a blog for me and finally it happens today.
I hope I will make this blog a LIVE blog.