Monday, June 29, 2009


I heared many people talking about karma. Karma is not like, every thing is happening to the WILL of GOD. When I speak to my friend about asking him to learn YOGA, he told like this. "It is not in my hand. It's upto GOD WILL. If GOD want me to learn yoga, GOD will show the path. When That KARMA comes, GOD will show the path." He stressed the word KARMA very strong.

The concept of KARMA has been badly misunderstood wrongly. Karma means, ACTION. When you perform some action it will have some reaction. It is very basic sense. For example, One of my college friend told like this. This year Rain will not come because Lesbian and gay population is growing. Becasue of this GOD is angry and does not give rain. For me, This sentence has been told with unawarness.

We people continously destroying trees and becasuse of this ACTION, the reaction is there is no RAIN. This is what KARMA. KARMA is not some thing GOD decides. It is we decides and we only develops our own karma unkowingly.

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