Sunday, June 28, 2009

I am Atheism or theism?

Some time this question arises in my Mind, "Whether I belong to Atheism (UnBeliever of GOD) or Theism (Believer of GOD)?"

Actually, I am not both. This may sound different. For me, both concepts are same. Because, both of them believes. That is, It is a COIN of belief where, One side believes that God exist and other side believes that God does not exist. Now, where I am standing here.

I just dropped the COIN and seek the truth as it is without using the discrimation power of MIND.

So, How to seek the truth and Where to start?

The answer is, Start from within (oneself).

The next question will be asked is , Is there any technology available?

Yes. There is a technology available for that. It is called YOGA. Again this technology called YOGA cannot be learned from Books or CD's. It is to be learned from a guru who is an enlightened being (or) Yogi. I am fortunate that, I have a guru. [My guru name is Sadhguru Jaggi vasudev.]

So once you dropped the COIN and with the help of YOGA you can explore the LIFE in WHOLE. This path is called spirtual path.

In one way it is like walking in ZEN.


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