Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turn opposite and open the window

I come to know about the word YOGA in the year 2007 and it changed my life style. I thought it will be better to blog it. The word "changing of life style" should not be taken wrongly. What I mean about life style is, we have been nurtured in a wrong way right from the childhood unknowingly. Parents also not aware and every thing is aligned toards society needs and society inturns is a total mess. Lot of EGO & stupid things are there in the society.

If you want to know about the society just walk on the road. See the faces of the people. How sad they are. See how they ride the vehicle. If you see the behaviour of each people in the road from small child to big man, you can sense the pathetic situation in the society. India and pakistan made war only 4 times but how many wars we have fought in our homes. Daily we are making wars. This is a serious problem in the way we are living and this is what I called as wrong nurturing.

Actually Religion is invented by god with help of God-man to make this things right and we are practically seeing that religion also failed. The pathetic situation of the religion now is all people love their holy book, but not the god nor the god-creation. If you give a talk to these people on their life style, immediately they will go and fetch their holy book-tightly hold them with hands and they will keep arguing that my boook told this that etc., The sad things is Most of the people don't know what is written in the book and some people don't know how to read the book itself. I am not complain about the holy book but I am trying to tell is the mistake is not with the holy book but the mistake is with the people who reads and misunderstood in a wrong way

These things caused me a deep longing inside me, about to know, Why Creation ? What I am doing in this world ? I think, many people have similar questions but they settle themselves in many ways based on how their EGO drives them.

When I am 19 my closed friend death created a question inside me of "who am I?". When some one refer my friend as "pinam" some thing broken inside me. She just alive yesterday talking and now she has been refered as "pinam". When she lying down as dead body I saw her face. No change as I saw yesterday..No Injury.. But every body told that she is dead. I tried to find the answer and I am not satisfied with the answers. Many people told that It is soul inside the body and upon death it's leaves. When I ask them, do you felt the soul, when it is inside, they told, "No". So this made me a deep longing to experience the so called SOUL which is inside my body. Another time my friend kavitha told me the story of her grandmother death. At last moment the grandmother take a deep breath and died. After hearing that a longind to understand the relationship between Breath, Body and Soul come into my mind. But I couldn't proceed further since there is no guidance for me. Usually If i have any doubt I will search google.com and I will find the answer. But for this I couldn't. But the longing is there in each cell of my body. There is a deep Longing to know who I am ? Is there God? If yes, Where he is ? Why he created the world ? Why he created me ? (right now see what a ego from me refering the god in masculain form)

Many people are in the same search but sooner or later they settle with something for which they don't have any real time experience. But I am in search of a scienctific technique which will make me understand this and make me experience the so called soul and the relation-ship between God and sould and lot of .. lot of questioins.

Finally in the year 2007 I come to know about the scientific technique which will guide me to get all the answers. The scientific technique is called YOGA.

Yes. Yoga is "Science of the SOUL". What a beautiful sentence "Science of the soul"

Today many people wrongly misunderstood the definition of yoga. Many people have different thought on this. One set of people says that it is a mind relaxation technique. Other set of people says that It is a Therapy, exercise etc., Now-a-days I saw many people using Yoga as tag name for doing their business. But for me It is really a science with lot of formula like a+b the whole square = a2 + b2+ 2ab. Pathanjali re-discovered the esessence of yoga from the dark age and made it like a formula and almost every one follow the yoga in pathanjali way only.

When I decided to take a yoga class I didn't have confusion much like others . I straigth away take 7 days Isha yoga program on May 2007.

Now If I look back I am very satidfied at ISHA. Yes I am at right path to know the answers. Then after that i attended higher level classes like BSP, Hatha Yoga, Soonya meditation and finally I am stepping in to Samyama next month.

Some one asked me whether if some one in spirtual path should renounce the worldly life and go to himalyas. The answers is, "NO". When you do each activity with full awarness and full involvement then you are in Yoga. It's very simple. But the sad thing is we will not do each activity with full awarness and full involvement, because we are nurtured in a wrong way.

A doctor once asked Why yoga for me. I am earning good money and leading good life etc.,
I see this as an immaturity question. When you see the things in close in your day to day life this question will not rise. Let me give you a real life senario. Close your eyes and think what Is the basic of every activities now we are involved. You will find that It is becasue of Desire. If you don't have desire you don't have job here. Let try this example. Close your nose for few moments. Suddenly you body will resist you and take a deep breath. Because Body havedesire to live. If you analyse the desire, the nature of desire is "It keeps on expanding". It's nature is exapanding. 5 years before I thought if I get 20K salary/month I will be happy. Now i want 1 lakh/month. So the desire will not stop. It's nature is to expand and merge with the Infinity. When I say Infinity any body can tell Infinity is GOD. This is what we call as "Jeevan Mukthi". Once a baby is born there is only one GOAL. To attain Mukthi. When this is the goal for each person one cannot affected by the ups and down in their day to day life. Becasue no one can go and change the world. it will be a stupid thing. But one can change themself. This is possible. Whether Mukthi is to leave every thing and go to himalyas. Once Again I repeat the same thing. When you do each activity with full awarness and full involvement that's enough. The remaining thing will be taken care by nature. This is the beauty of nature. If one cannot maintain full awarness and full involvement then they should think deeply themselves. May be they should try Isha yoga as I did. Now as far as me , concern, whether it is Intreacting with society or Interacting inside me, at each momemt I am aware of what I am doing and I am doing things with full involvement. Rest is take care by Nature. Still I have lot of garbage. But I know some day it will get vanished.

God intention is to help you to reach the ultimate goal and not your survival needs. God will not guide to you for this wordly activites. Survival should be taken care by individual. That's why god given us brains hand etc., Apart from survival If you want to know the basics then God will help us. It is like this. There is a room with a window in one side and all other side full of wall. We are facing the wall and doing some thing. For survival it's OK. If you want to know some thing apart from survival, God want us to turn and ask to open the window. Remaining thing will happen automatically. Becasue God grace is available 24 X 7 to every body. The only things is we are not opening the window and all the time we are facing in a wrong direction.

Let's turn opposite and open the window.

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