Friday, November 28, 2008

Every thing is possibe

Due to the damage caused by "Nisha" cyclone, today my company declared holiday. I had enough time to do yoga and to watch films. In one of the film a character spoke like this "This is a century of science and technology. You idiots are still believing this things !!"

It made me think. I switch off the TV and started finding the answer for this.

If you remember history, you can find that, every scientific invention when proposed, every body said, "It is not possible and it is stupid". Remember how many scientist died when they said that the world is round and not flat. Why it is like this?

Many people think that Scientist is a person having lot of knowledge. For me it is totally wrong. If you want to invent/discover new thing you don't need knowledge or intelligence. Because knowledge is nothing but your past experiece. When you apply your past experience in this current context and achieve some thing people will prise that you are intelligence. But this will not help oneself to become scientist. To become scientist you need Awarness not intelligent.

Many people saw apple falling. But newton got aware of the "falling apple" and asked himself a question, "Why the apple is falling?". Because of this, a new formula is born which enabled ISRO scientist to lauch chandrayan sucessfully.

When people tell it is not possible, They telling like this because in their brain the current pattern is not found. Some one will add flavor like this is 21stcentury etc.,
Take myself as an example. In childhood days when I see some one sudenly disappear in the film I will see it like just a fantasy. My brain will tell this is not possible at all. But today in britain scientist made an object disappear using camourflag technique (see james bond Die another day)

I will tell you another example. A motorist who hesistate to wear helmet, will wear helmet, if he met with an accident. This is becasue in his brain some how the accident pattern is not there. So he think that helmet is unnecessary. When he met with an accident now the pattern is created and after that he will definetly wear helmet. If same person without met with an accident anf if he wear helment, we will speak like, "He got aware of the usage of helmet"

So, one should be very clear about Knowledge and Awarness. Knowledge is just a garbage of previous experience. You can make use of it for survival purpose. But if you want to do something other than survival Awarness is necessary and not intelligent. If you notice many scientist they does not even cross the schooling.

I will call Yogis, Saint a scientist. A scientist which we know like abdul kalam, try to be aware of external things and find new formulaes. But Yogis try to be aware of Internal (themself) and find the basic of the creation. Because the whole existence is there within ourself. Buddha is so aware that, he deeply meditate and tells that I am appearing/disappearing. Today scientist are proving this. We call it has Maya. [I remember once my guru (sadhguru jaggi vasudev) told. Everything we live here is a dream but the dream is true. ]

So, for me Every thing is possible. There is no limitation. You can even convert water into gold. It is not a rocket science. [ just a few interchange and addition of electron]. If some one speak about some mystic thing, I will quietly absorve what they says. I will not deny nor accept.
One question I will ask myself for sure. That is,

"Ok, of course Every thing is possibe. But it really done currently anywhere?"

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